Questions & Answers

Below is a list of the most common questions which both individuals and zoning boards often have about Cell Towers. To get answers, simply click on the links. For studies and information regarding the potential adverse health effects caused by Cell Towers, you can also go to the Links section of this website.

[+] What is the Telecommunications Act of 1996?

[+] Do property owners have a right to oppose the approval of Cell Tower applications?

[+] Can local Zoning Boards legally deny applications to install Cell Towers?

[+] What is the shot clock?

[+] Do Cell Towers Ever Collapse?

[+] Aren't Cell Towers Just as Safe as Telephone Poles?

[+] Does the installation of a Cell Tower reduce the values of nearby properties?

[+] Isn't the FCC Protecting Us?

[+] Do Cell Towers Cause Cancer or other Illnesses?

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